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No matter where we reside in Manatee County, we're all in this together.  We, the residents of Manatee County, need servant leaders to lead us towards a brighter future with integrity, responsibility, and accountability.


Hello! Thank you for visiting Keith’s campaign site!  We are so happy that you have taken an interest in learning about Keith and the journey we are on together with him as he pursues elected office in the 2024 election.  Keith is a candidate for the District 1 seat on the Manatee Board of County Commissioners.  The Board of County Commissioners "legislates policy to protect the health, welfare, safety and quality of life of Manatee County residents” (Manatee County Government website).  They also appoint the County Administrator, who oversees the county’s day-to-day operations.  It is our sincere hope that as you learn more about Keith, you’ll find that Keith is a person of integrity who sincerely desires to know, inspire, and serve the people of Manatee County.  


Team Green

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Meet Keith Green

Keith is a candidate for the District 1 seat on the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners.  Keith is a conservative with a heart for service and a commitment to lead with integrity and accountability.  Keith has experience in both the security and hospitality industries and contributes much of his free time as a volunteer in the community.

Keith currently serves on the City of Bradenton Planning Commission and the Manatee County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC).  He also volunteers his time on various boards in the community, and committees of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce. 

Keith also serves the community as a volunteer at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church in Lakewood Ranch, where he and his wife, Vivian, are parishioners.  

Campaign logo reads: Keith Green for Manatee County Commissioner District 1

D I S T R I C T  1

Keith's Top Priorities
As Commissioner


We all want good leadership.  We all want leaders who listen to us, make decisions with our best interests in mind, and take responsibility for their choices.  Elected leaders should be held accountable when they violate their oath.

I will lead with a strong moral ethic and will stay within the scope of what a County Commissioner is supposed to do.  I will make decisions with the best interests of the people of Manatee County in mind. 


We all want communities that help us thrive.  We all want our communities to support our day-to-day activities and be enjoyable for ourselves and our families.

I will advocate for more street lighting and sidewalks throughout the county and support common-sense infrastructure projects that enhance our quality of life.  I will support plans and initiatives to alleviate the increasing traffic issues that plague our county streets.


We all want to feel safe in our communities. We all want the law and order necessary to  protect our dignity, rights, and safety.  

I will support and protect the needs of the community by promoting partnerships between law enforcement and the community throughout the county to increase understanding, trust, and cooperation.  I will support our Sheriff's budget so that the department has the necessary resources to carry out their duties. 

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