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Bradenton, FL – 4/15/24 Dear Residents of District 7 at Large, It is with a heavy heart, yet a firm resolve, that I announce my withdrawal from the candidacy for District 7 at Large. My decision comes after much reflection and consideration of what is best for our community and the conservative principles that guide my actions. While my commitment to serving the people of Manatee County remains unwavering, I believe that a shift in focus is necessary to effectively champion our shared values and advance the conservative agenda that we hold dear. Therefore, I am transitioning my candidacy to the District 1 race, where I believe I can better advocate for the principles of limited government, reduced regulations, and pro-business policies that fuel economic growth and prosperity. Throughout my time campaigning for District 7 at Large, I have had the privilege of meeting many of you and hearing your concerns, hopes, and aspirations for our community. Your passion and dedication to making Manatee County a better place inspire me each day, and I am grateful for the support and encouragement you have shown me. As I shift my focus to the District 1 race, I remain steadfast in my commitment to advancing conservative values and policies that empower individuals, foster innovation, and create opportunities for all residents. My goal is to continue fighting for small government, cutting bureaucratic red tape, and unleashing the full potential of our local economy to generate jobs and prosperity for our community. I am confident that by working together and staying true to our conservative principles, we can overcome any challenges that lie ahead and build a brighter future for Manatee County. I am honored to have your support and trust as I embark on this new chapter, and I look forward to continuing our journey together. Thank you for your understanding and unwavering commitment to our shared values. Keith Green, Your Candidate for District 7 At Large, Manatee Board of County Commissioners. Bradenton, FL – 1/5/24 For Immediate Release: Keith Green’s Comprehensive Pro Business Vision and Pledge for Economic Prosperity in Manatee County MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — As your candidate for the District 7 At Large seat on the Manatee Board of County Commissioners, I am not just offering a campaign but a commitment to a future where Manatee County is the epitome of economic growth and prosperity. My mission is to foster an environment where businesses can thrive, innovation flourishes, and every resident has the opportunity to participate in and benefit from our growing economy. My vision for Manatee County is clear and unwavering: to create a thriving economy that works for everyone. This means championing probusiness policies, reducing bureaucratic hurdles, and ensuring a skilled workforce through education and training programs. It's about creating a community where small businesses flourish, startups plant their roots, and larger corporations recognize the immense potential our county offers. 1.Economic Empowerment: Economic Empowerment and Generational Wealth: As a fervent advocate for sustainable economic growth, my vision for Manatee County is one where every resident is provided with the opportunities they need to succeed and flourish. I am deeply committed to cultivating an environment that does not merely focus on short term gains but emphasizes long-term prosperity for all. This means creating a robust economic landscape where families can not only live comfortably but also build and pass down generational wealth. To achieve this, I plan to focus on several key areas: A. Education and Workforce Training: By investing in education and specialized training programs, we can ensure that our residents are well-equipped with the skills needed in today's competitive job market. This includes partnerships with local schools, colleges, and trade institutions to create pathways for high-paying jobs and entrepreneurship. B. Supporting Small Businesses: Small businesses are the heart of our community and the engine of our economy. By providing them with the resources, guidance, and financial support they need, we can help them grow and, in turn, create more jobs. This includes streamlining the process for starting a business, offering tax incentives, and creating a supportive network that connects business owners with mentors and investors. C. Fostering Innovation: Encouraging innovation and supporting new industries is key to a dynamic economy. By creating innovation hubs and investing in research and development, we can attract tech companies and startups, making Manatee County a known destination for cutting-edge ideas and businesses. D. Financial Literacy Programs: Empowering our residents with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions is crucial. By implementing comprehensive financial literacy programs across all age groups, we can ensure that individuals and families know how to save, invest, and manage their finances effectively, setting the foundation for long-term wealth creation. E. Infrastructure Development: Investing in our infrastructure not only improves the quality of life but also attracts businesses and boosts the local economy. This includes transportation, communication networks, and utilities, ensuring that Manatee County is not only a great place to live but also an attractive destination for businesses. In short, my commitment to economic empowerment is about creating a Manatee County where every resident has the tools, resources, and opportunities to build a prosperous future. It's about making our county a beacon of economic success and a place where generations to come can thrive and succeed. 2.Pro-Business Leadership: My commitment to Manatee County is to foster a thriving environment where job creation and small businesses are at the forefront of our economy. With my substantial experience serving on prestigious committees with the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, I bring a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of our local business community. I pledge to leverage this experience to champion initiatives that stimulate economic growth and development. By creating a business-friendly environment, we can attract investments, spur innovation, and ensure that small businesses the backbone of our economy have the support they need to succeed. Additionally, I am dedicated to advocating for our vital agricultural and tourism industries, recognizing their crucial role in our county's prosperity. Together, let's build a future where every sector thrives and contributes to the vibrant tapestry of Manatee County's economy. Community and Economic Development: My plan involves not just bolstering our existing businesses but also paving the way for new ones. By offering startup workshops, mentorship programs, and access to crucial resources, I aim to empower our residents to start their own businesses, contributing to a robust, locally driven economy. 3.Strategic and Responsible Development: The proposed parking garage at Manatee Public Beach represents a prime example of our dedication to strategic and responsible development. This project is far more than just a physical structure; it is a testament to our commitment to fostering a thriving, well-planned community. By enhancing accessibility, we're not only making our beautiful beach more available to residents and visitors alike but also driving traffic to local businesses, which is vital for economic vitality. Our approach to development is measured and thoughtful, ensuring that while we meet the needs of today, we are also laying the groundwork for a prosperous future. We understand that development is not just about constructing buildings but about creating a cohesive community where business and lifestyle can flourish side by side. 4.Uniting for a Common Goal. A Collaborative Path to Prosperity: In Manatee County, we understand that the strength of our community lies in our unity. True progress, enduring success, and meaningful change are not achieved in isolation but through the collective efforts and collaboration of every individual and sector. As your commissioner, my commitment is not merely to lead but to facilitate a collaborative environment where every voice is heard, every idea is considered, and every hand is joined in shaping the future of our beloved county. A. Harmonizing Efforts for Maximum Impact: I recognize the immense potential that lies in harnessing the diverse talents and resources within our community. By working hand in hand with local businesses, we can create an economic ecosystem that is both robust and resilient. Entrepreneurs and innovators will be the driving force behind our economic renaissance, bringing fresh ideas and vitality to our local economy. Engaging with community leaders ensures that our development is grounded in the real needs and aspirations of our residents, making sure that no one is left behind as we move forward. B. Building Partnerships for Collective Success: Collaboration extends beyond our county’s borders. I will actively seek partnerships with neighboring regions, industry experts, and government entities to bring best practices, additional resources, and new opportunities to Manatee County. These partnerships will not only enhance our capabilities but also strengthen our position as a leader in regional development and innovation. C. Supporting Our Commissioners and Leveraging Their Expertise: I understand the importance of a united front in the county commission. My fellow commissioners bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and diverse perspectives. I will work closely with them, leveraging our collective strengths to implement policies and initiatives that reflect the best of what we, as a team, can offer to Manatee County. It's about complementing each other's efforts, filling gaps, and always moving forward together. D. Celebrating Every Milestone: As we progress, it's crucial to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small. Each step forward is a testament to our collective effort and determination. These celebrations are not just about acknowledging success but about reinforcing our unity, boosting morale, and maintaining momentum as we tackle the next challenge. In closing it’s time for us to reject the backward agendas and embrace a future where economic development, community growth, and responsible governance are the hallmarks of our county. As your commissioner, I will be an unwavering advocate for policies that spur economic growth, support business innovation, and create a landscape fertile for investment. Thank you for believing in a future where Manatee County is not just a place to live but a beacon of opportunity and prosperity for all. God Bless the Residents of Manatee County. Keith Green, Your Candidate for District 7 At Large, Manatee Board of County Commissioners. Bradenton, FL – 1/3/24 For Immediate Release: Keith Green's Comprehensive Economic Empowerment Plan for Manatee County MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — As your candidate for the District 7 At Large seat on the Manatee Board of County Commissioners, my vision for a prosperous Manatee County extends beyond traditional economic development. It involves a commitment to nurturing an environment where every resident has the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to achieve financial independence and contribute to our community's wealth. A key component of this vision is a robust initiative to foster financial literacy among young adults, adults, and seniors, alongside offering practical courses on starting and managing a business. Financial Literacy for All Ages: Financial literacy is the cornerstone of personal economic success and a healthy community economy. Understanding how to manage personal finances, budget, save, and invest is crucial in today's world. My plan includes implementing comprehensive financial education programs across all age groups: • For Young Adults: Integrate financial literacy courses in our schools and colleges, ensuring that our youth are prepared to make informed financial decisions as they step into adulthood, higher education, and the workforce. • For Adults: Provide community workshops and online resources to help adults navigate financial planning, home ownership, investment, and retirement planning. These resources will be designed to help residents at all stages of life make informed decisions that align with their long-term goals. • For Seniors: Offer specialized programs addressing the unique financial challenges and opportunities faced by our senior citizens, focusing on retirement planning, estate planning, and managing healthcare costs. Business Startup Courses: Empowering our residents to start their own businesses is a key strategy in fostering a robust, locally driven economy. To support budding entrepreneurs, my plan includes: • Startup Workshops: Collaborate with local business leaders, financial institutions, and educational establishments to offer workshops that cover the basics of starting a business. Topics will include business planning, understanding market demand, financing your startup, navigating regulations, and effective marketing strategies. • Mentorship Programs: Develop a mentorship network where aspiring entrepreneurs can connect with experienced business owners and professionals. These mentors can provide guidance, advice, and support, helping new entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and succeed in their ventures.

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